Pregnant women using cocaine an essay review

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6 May 2016 ... Most women who are addicted to cocaine are of childbearing age. Estimates suggest that about 5 percent of pregnant women use one or more ...

pregnant women using cocaine

When a pregnant woman uses cocaine, it enters her bloodstream and crosses the placenta to the ... Can using cocaine during pregnancy cause birth defects?5 Mar 2002 ... Approximately 45,000 women in this country used cocaine during pregnancy in 1992, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

BACKGROUND: Cocaine use during pregnancy has many deleterious ... Family physicians who practice obstetrics might encounter cocaine-abusing women as ...And if you are addicted to cocaine -- also called coke, snow, or blow ...Given the intensity of cocaine as a stimulant, it is vital for a woman who is or may become pregnant to avoid the use of cocaine or any stimulating drug.

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Cocaine (also called coke or blow) is a street drug that usually comes as a white powder. It is snorted or mixed with water and then injected with a needle.Studies of marijuana in pregnancy are inconclusive, because many women who ... Later in pregnancy, cocaine use can cause placental abruption, which can ...3 Feb 2011 ... Women who used cocaine while pregnant had about a one in three chance of having an underweight baby, while women who did not had ...